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Collin County, Plano, TX Equipment Breakdown

Protect Your Business with Equipment Breakdown Insurance in Collin County, Plano, TX


Why Your Business Needs Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Running a business in Collin County, Plano, TX comes with its share of challenges, especially when it comes to keeping your equipment up and running. Whether you own a restaurant, a manufacturing facility, or a retail store, your equipment is crucial to your operations. That's why equipment breakdown insurance from Liberty Union Insurance is so important. It helps protect your business from the financial impact of equipment failures, so you can get back to business quickly and minimize downtime.

What Does Equipment Breakdown Insurance Cover?

Equipment breakdown insurance covers a wide range of equipment, including:

Mechanical and Electrical Equipment: This includes things like boilers, furnaces, electrical panels, and air conditioning systems.

Production Machinery: Machinery used in manufacturing processes, such as conveyor belts, presses, and packaging equipment.

Retail Equipment: Equipment used in retail settings, such as cash registers, refrigeration units, and computer systems.

Restaurant Equipment: This includes kitchen equipment like ovens, refrigerators, and fryers.

Office Equipment: Equipment found in office settings, such as computers, printers, and copiers.

Communication Equipment: This includes phones, internet routers, and other communication devices.

Typical Claims Covered by Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance can help cover the costs associated with a variety of equipment failures. Some of the most common claims covered include:

Claim Type Description
Electrical Failure An electrical surge damages your equipment.
Mechanical Breakdown A mechanical failure causes your equipment to stop working.
Operator Error An employee accidentally damages a piece of equipment.
Compressor Failure Your refrigeration unit's compressor fails, leading to spoiled inventory.
Boiler Explosion Your boiler malfunctions, leading to an explosion.

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