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 E & O Insurance


What we do:

Our focus is business and commercial insurance.  Whether you’re looking for General Liability, Excess/Umbrella Liability, Commercial/Business Auto, Workers Compensation, or more sophisticated products like Errors and Omissions, Contingent Auto Liability, etc., let us be your insurance advocate.  Remember, Liberty Union Insurance represents our clients’ interests, not the interest of a single insurance carrier.

Our process of making your insurance simple and affordable:
  • We produce a quality application that focuses on the strengths of your business, then submit the application to dozens of our top-rated carrier partners to determine who has the best coverage and pricing.
  • We work directly with the underwriters, who whom we’ve cultivated trust relationships with over years of working closely.
  • We consolidate the quotes from the different carriers and compare the carrier’s strengths and the policy coverage and pricing, and only then present the quotes to you with a recommendation.
Our agency will work hard for you like no other. Give us a try and experience the Liberty Union Insurance difference.

What products or services we provide
Liberty Union Insurance company specializes in professional liabilityinsurance. We know you do business in an ever-increasing litigious environment. In effect, your company can be sued if a client believes they have suffered a loss, legitimate or not. You can concentrate on building your business knowing that you have professional insurance protection in place. We can help you get there.
Professional Liability (E&O insurance) for Insurance Agencies
Professional Liability (E&O insurance) for Real Estate Brokers
Professional Liability (E&O Insurance) for Architects
Professional Liability (E&O Insurance) for Engineers
Professional Liability (E&O Insurance) for Home Health Professionals
Professional Liability (E&O Insurance) for Lawyers
Professional Liability (E&O Insurance) for Design Professionals
Professional Liability (E&O Insurance) for Appraisers
Professional Liability (E&O Insurance) for Medical Practitioners
Professional Liability (E&O Insurance) for CPA/Accountants[KE1] 

General Liability
Worker’s Compensation
Business Personal Property
What these products or services do for you
Errors and Omissions Insurance, or E&O insurance, is a type of professional liability insurance that helps protect your business if a customer sues you for claims of inadequate work or negligent actions.  If a customer makes a claim against your business, it could be devastating to face those costs alone. E&O insurance helps protect your business and may cover financial loss and legal fees that come with defending against a lawsuit.
Fast, simple and FREE
Let US do the work to secure and tailor a policy to protect you and your business. We do the shopping for you. Simply fill out the information below and we will get to work.
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About us
At Liberty Union Insurance, our management team is dedicated to serving our clients. We are here to help and to answer any questions you might have. Call today at 1-888-788-1024
Richard Phillips, Liberty Union Insurance Owner and Founder
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Tammy Beggs, Commercial Lines Manager